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Hello There, 

My name is Kristi Carr, and I am a Columbus, Ohio native. I am married to my best friend and a dog mom to my two golden retrievers, Kynsley & Kaelee. Who yep, you guessed it! Inspired the name for my photography business. I love traveling any chance I get, spending time with family and exploring new things. I am a business owner, of now two businesses, a salon and photography business. I also love to push beyond the lines, explore new ways of doing things and if you have a crazy idea I want to hear it!

About a little less than a year ago I started to get a little bored with my day to day. I felt very inspired to pursue something else that would push me more than I was currently being pushed. So one day I asked to borrow one of my best friends camera and I never looked back! I have found my second passion!!

So what do I bring to the table as your photographer? I am here to bring your story to life through pictures. Whether it be family pictures, pictures with your dogs, cats or any other animals, or maybe even for one of the most important days of your life. I am here to bring every vision that you have to life and help you tell a story in your words. 

I absolutely look forward to working with you and creating something magical that you can hold onto forever!

Hope to talk to you soon!



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